December 05, 2023

The story

The story

From a long time ago, a group of residents of different races lived in a large house in the form of a family, and the family was ruled by a creature called man. The house had everything its residents needed from food, drink and fresh water, and the house was spacious for all its residents, and the residents lived in safety, constantly developing their lifestyle and dreams.

With the increase in the population, some disputes and quarrels, and sometimes wars, began to appear, and the large safe house began to gradually turn into a frightening house, to the point that some residents burn a forest or part of it to get their needs.

And when a person felt that his brother was competing with him, the disputes increased, and some of the residents of the large house began searching for a god that would protect them from the treachery of nature, its cruelty, and the treachery of their brother. Many of the residents of the big house wanted to impose their god on others, which brought about new wars and conflicts.

Despite this, the residents of the big house did not stop developing their ambitions and dreams, but with each development they were getting greedy, so the matter did not stop at the limits of food and water, but they desired luxury as well, so they invented industry, and discovered fossil fuels and oil.

 The smoke of their factories was contaminating the big house. It struck them diseases and struck to the house whose walls were blackened, the inhabitants suffered from epidemics, water scarcity and pollution, and the high temperature of the house due to the large number of its factories, machines and fire, so many of its plants died, and many of its non-human creatures became extinct. Today, the residents of the big house must repair it, fearing for their future being lost.

Wrote this story for the Climate and Population Project

Prof. Dr. A. Al-Nuaimi

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