February 04, 2023

The treatment

The treatment

The most prominent features of treatment for population issues

1- Legislation and laws that guarantee a person the right to a decent life.

2- Birth control within clear and strict laws, which we suggest as follows:

  1. Every couple has the right to have one child, which is covered by the state in terms of education and health care.
  2. The expenses for the education and health care of the second child are borne by the parents.
  3. The expenses for the education and health care of the third child are borne by the parents, with a deduction of 20% of their monthly or annual income for the benefit of the state, regardless of their degree of wealth.
  4. Each country forms committees to develop laws and legislations related to this aspect, to study matters such as twins, the very poor, and so on.

3- Continuous development of the health care system in each country.

4- Encouraging and supporting scientific research related to population.

5- Preventing early marriage (below the legal age) in countries whose laws allow this marriage.

6- Encouraging literary and artistic creativity concerned with population issues (poetry, theater, story, and films, series and songs).

7- Developing abortion laws and allowing a woman to have an abortion if the fetus is less than four months old.

8- The human right to personal freedom, and to choose the form of life in the way he wants without affecting the freedom of others.

9- Freedom of religious, intellectual or philosophical belief.

10- Encouraging poor countries that adopt this by supporting their programs related to the implementation of these provisions.

11- Encouraging democracy and supporting non-democratic or semi-democratic countries that adopt more democracy.

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