February 04, 2023

The story

The story

On a farm of 510,100,000 km², lived a small family. There were many forests, rivers and food on the farm, and millions of other creatures lived on the farm, some of them very small, some of which were medium and some of them large, exceeding the size of a person himself.

Human was reproducing at a remarkable speed, and his need for food was increasing, so he attacked everything around him, as he burned some forests to hunt what was left by the fires, and cut trees to make some furniture and warm  in the winter, and because the farm was not all fertile, he lived next to the rivers and settled in Fertile places.

Human continued to destroy nature in order to build homes for himself on its ruins, and with the days this man discovered trade, machinery and factories, and discovered the importance of money, until he became mercilessly exploiting the farm, unaware that the farm is limited in size even though it appears large, so the fertile land decreased and increased The temperature of the farm, some creatures became extinct, and he himself began to feel that the farm was tightening on him, and yet he did not stop burning forests, cutting down trees and building his factories. Today this person feels that he has led himself to ruin, and has to deal with what he destroyed before the farm becomes unviable and in the near future, everything ends.

Wrote this story for the Climate and Population Project

Prof. Dr. A. Al-Nuaimi

Climate and population are one of the projects of the Global Humanitarian Pivot for Development and Research

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