February 04, 2023

Our Mission

Our Mission

We made it accessible to our hands: understood, loved by all people despite its statistical complexities, in other words we simplified it: we mean climate and population sciences of course. For many years I was amazed that these sciences were distancing themselves from the general population even though they should be closest to them, as they are directly related to their present, their future, the future of their children, and even the future of the planet, and all of humanity as well, for these reasons we decided to give you this achievement. Our planet is sick today, cure can only be achieved with everyone’s contribution.

For many years now, the voices of scientists and researchers in America, Europe, Australia, Canada, and other countries of the world have been sounding the alarm, saying that our planet will be exposed to a real and strong catastrophe unless there are real solutions to climate and population problems.

It is the duty of governments, scientific institutions, civil society organizations, research centers, and individuals to contribute to protecting the planet by all possible means. The delay in treatment will make the risk greater, and may make us reach a point from which we cannot return.

Climate and Population Project

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Global Humanitarian Pivot for Development and Research

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