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The Global Humanitarian Pivot for Development and Research is concerned with issues of climate and population, as well as issues of democracy, religious freedoms, women’s issues, childhood, education, scientific research, literary and artistic creativity, and everything that would achieve prosperity and well-being for humanity, and the preservation of the planet healthy and pure, and devoid of Climatic and environmental diseases such as global warming and others.

1- The origins of humanitarian pivot and the nature of its work: The Global Humanitarian Pivot for Development and Research was established in Jordan and it became an independent studies and research house on 14/10/2015, under license number: WZ / 5046 and holds the national number: 100461901. The following goals have been added for humanitarian pivot’s work:

A- Human Resources Development.

B-Managing scientific and intellectual programs

C -Studies and Research.

2- Funding: humanitarian pivot does not receive any funding from any Arab or foreign government.

3- Project Executed by humanitarian pivot:

A- The humanitarian pivot works on holding on-line training courses in an innovative manner, as the number of courses provided has reached more than 135 training courses in various scientific, human, educational, social, and other disciplines and fields. This is through a website dedicated to this purpose, and has an open access to all people unconditionally. And this is due to the humanitarian pivot’s belief that the right of all human beings to free education, and no fees are charged except for those who request an official certificate after their success in the courses, and the website is: dawratak.com.

B – The International Society for Handling School Dropout: Given the seriousness of the school dropout phenomenon in our contemporary Arab life, humanitarian pivot held an international conference to overcome this dangerous phenomenon on the present and future of the Arab nation, and the conference resulted in a set of recommendations, including the establishment of the international community to address school dropout. We have already started this project despite our recognition that it needs tremendous efforts and great potential, and we have established the website www.drop-out.org for this purpose. We expect our work to start achieving the required success within two years.

C- Honorary Doctorate: The honorary doctorate is awarded to Humanitarian Pivot for the human achievement of those who have rendered great services to science and knowledge, and social and human issues.

D- The First International Conference on Blanded Education: humanitarian pivot works on holding this conference during the year 2021 for the importance of this topic in contemporary education, it is not possible to completely exclude cyberspace from the spatial space (classroom) at this time during which technology advances rapidly. Hence the term inclusive education came to collect more than one educational issue at the same time. In addition to the merger between the electronic space and the spatial space, there is the merger between people with special needs, and other children, and we have devoted the website: blended-edu.org to this conference.

E- Climate and Population: The Humanitarian Pivot works on climate and population issues, and seeks to contribute to addressing the imbalances related to this matter by contemporary scientific methods illustrated on our website https://climateandpopulation.org/

4- The presence of humanitarian pivot at the regional and international level: humanitarian pivot has been given a clear place at the regional and international levels, where its name is constantly repeated on the list of the most prominent international cultural events. We participated in the following conferences, forums and activities:

A- The fourth regional conference to combat violence against children, which was held in the State of Kuwait from 18 to 20 April 2016.

B- The International Cultural Festival for Book, Literature and Poetry, which was held in Ouargla, Algeria, from 5 to 8 December 2016.

C- We also participated in the International Conference that was held at the Taras Shevchenka National University in Kiev, Ukraine, on Arab literature from 18 to 19 May 2017.

D- We participated in the international conference held at the University of Nicholas Copernicus, Poland, on the Orient in global literature and global literature in the Orient; From 23 to 24 March 2017.

E- We participated in the Arab Child Culture Conference that was held in the Sultanate of Oman on 14, 15 and 16 / November / 2017.

F- We held a conference under the title: The First International Conference on School Dropout: Prevention and Treatment, from 8 to 9 September 2018.

G- We participated in the First Arab Forum for Kindergarten, which was held in Algeria on 22-24 December 2018

H- We participated in the second Arab Forum for Kindergarten, which was held in Algeria on 24-26 December 2019.

I- We have received letters of thanks and appreciation from a number of important institutions and unions, including the Jordanian Teachers Union.

5- Publications: humanitarian pivot is a regularly published, international scientific journal with volumes, under the name of New Human Knowledge Research, which is a multidisciplinary journal in humanities, administrative, and pure and applied sciences. Its website is http: //www.global-journal. org / and its international numbering is: ISSN: 2708-7239

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